Philadelphia Eagles vs Tennessee Titans

Philadelphia Eagles vs Tennessee Titans:  The Titans from Tennessee play a football game in 30 hours, and he can’t get here soon enough. Going through the list and looking for interesting fights, the one that really stands out as fun that we should see is Amani.

The hooker is against … well, that’s it. A hooker is a wildcard in the most traditional sense, because I really don’t know where the Tennessee Titans will play it in the game against the Eagles this weekend.

So far, he has played with starters in their “three safe” looks. This can mean many different things in terms of where he is lining up and what he is asked to do. If he is there in a package for 10 cents, where Malcolm Butler is on the sidelines, and he is the fifth database on the field, then he will most likely be asked to go down and cover up the place he made in college.

Kevin Bayard, who is the amazing player he is, and with Kenny Vaccaro there too, any of them could also go down and cover the slot, if this is one of the “giant slots” that we see now, which is just a tense hybrid of the final / receiving device. In this case, the Hooker may return to the game with a deep reach.

Another idea is to use it in extreme form, where you get six databases on a field with a big three at a corner and with Bayard, Waccaro and Hooker hanging around. This look can be confusing, as Dean Peace has shown that he has no problems with lightning protection to add to the pass.

One of the most intriguing positional battles entering the training camp was the competition for a wide reception venue No. 6. Before Cameron Batson was placed in the wounded reserve on July 31, he and Darius Jennings lured him to the role. But with Betson behind the scenes, Jennings must continue to succeed with tricks like Caliph Raymond who play for the concert.

During a four-day break recently during a training camp, four different players lined up with the first team on the right. This confirms the idea that the starting role still remains a wide open competition after Josh Klein released this role with his departure to the Minnesota Vikings.

Kevin Pamphil, Nate Davis, Aaron Stinney and Ben Jones are all players who have received reps with the first team on guard during training, with Pamphil, a small favorite, to win the role thanks to his veteran status. The duet of Pryor and Mailata could not lose much or gain. None were going to be cut, and not one was going to play. Eagles knew they were going to a training camp. This year everything is different. Prior should show that he can be a reliable backup if called upon. Mailata should show that it has improved over last year and is getting closer to the player, who the eagles can consider entering the field. After a year spent on spending time, money and training on both players, it’s time to see the results and steps in the right direction from the duet of Prior and Mailata. Otherwise, their spots on the list may be in trouble.

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