Eagles vs Titans

Eagles vs Titans : Eagles are considered contenders for the Super Bowl and have one of the deepest lists in the NFL. This does not change the fact that they have several serious questions about the composition of the team in a season on both sides of the ball.

Most of these issues are centered around young players, which makes pre-season games much more important, as the Eagles will really see how willing these players are to contribute.

Yes, I know, this is just a preseason. So it really hasn’t come back. But I’ll take the Eagles preseason football for no reason. At least until I wonder why the game has not ended yet with the remaining 12 minutes in the third quarter. Anyway, the eagles will play on the Tennessee Titans at 19:30 Eastern time on Thursday evening during the first week of the NFL 2019 Preseason Schedule.

It is currently unclear how long Philadelphia’s newcomers – including Carson Wentz – will play in this game, if at all. Doug Pederson was not shy about the team’s plans for playing time. However, if there are any signs in the story, the first Orlov command unit will play only one or two discs … at most.

The result of the game does not matter, but it will still be interesting to watch how players compete for work in 53rd place. men’s list. Preseason football also gives us a first look at new players and newcomers.

Here is all you need to know about how to watch the game. Arthur Smith said he spent a lot of time watching the film and trying to put himself in a situation, and then calling the plays a way to prepare himself. Now it’s time for the real thing. Smith in his first season as coordinator of the Titans offensive, and Thursday will be his first move as a game call.

The Titans coach Mike Wrabel said he expects Smith to call from the stand because of his winning position, although Smith will ultimately be in the booth or on the field as a result of trial and error. Smith said shortly after he was hired to make his crime look like a mishmash of the crimes of previous Titan regimes; In the end, he was with the team through four shifts of the head coach and, of course, has a great influence on development.

I think that you just need to take part in the game and attract quarterbacks and everyone else, ”Vrabel said on Tuesday. “Build rhythm in attack and games that complement each other, and be quick and decisive with the challenge. Making sure that when you make a call, you will go pretty much the next call.

The goal here is to continue to evaluate the players who are fighting for a place on the list of 53 people, while avoiding Lincoln Financial Field without any injuries. In essence, this is an extension of practice. Jobs are not won or lost in the first week of the preseason, but the game features a valuable film – this is the first real competition of the team of the year – and good performance can bring the player more repetitions in the preseason.

The defensive end is the only position where the eagles can ultimately take a big step in the training camp. CEO Howie Roseman appreciates passivity almost as much as advocate, and is prepared to invest in this position both capital and salary. Heading this season, he trusts young players such as Josh Pot and returning veterans such as Winnie Curry with some valuable defense points.

Pot has all the tools you want to see in a defensive perspective. He has the size, length, speed and course of the pass. What he still does not have is production, since he sat basically the whole year as a freshman. Pot should show in the pre-season period that its elite tool kit can translate into field production.

Miller in a similar, but slightly different boat. The Eagles would be interested if Miller, the fifth round of the 2019 NFL draft, earned some playing time. However, so far he has not stood out during training camps. Pot is fighting for playing time – Miller is fighting for a place on the list of gaming days. Both should impress coaches starting Thursday night.